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After two years of lockdown, South Africa is ready to welcome tourists. Please feel free to come and visit. We are ready for you. Include Phalaborwa and the Kruger National Park in your itinerary. We really look forward to seeing you. To book your stay please contact us or leave a WhatsApp on +27 795811841, South Africa.

Tourism Minister Calls on All South Africans to Tour the Country.

Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa

The Tourism Minister, Lindiwe Sisulu , has called on all South Africans to take time and visit their local tourist attractions. “We have the most beautiful country, parks, waterfalls and many other attractions. We should support our local offerings. Our local tourism industry needs our support”, the Minister said.

A Call by the Minister of Tourism, Lindiwe Sisulu

South Africa is endowed with natural beauty and splendour, from Table Mountain, Castle of Good Hope, V & A Waterfront, Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens. the Winelands, Namaqua & West Coast National Parks in the Cape to the Zoological Gardens. Voortrekker Monument, National

Botanic Gardens, Union Buildings, Moreleta Kloof Nature Reserve, Kruger House Museum in Pretoria, the Jacaranda city, from Three Rondavels, Lone Creek Falls, Blyde River Canyons, Hazyview, Sabie and Graskop in Mpumalanga to the Kruger National Park, Hans Merensky

Country Club, Kambaku River Safaris in Phalaborwa, Limpopo, Gold Reef City, the Apartheid Museum, Soweto, the Maboneng Precinct in Johannesburg, the City of Gold as it is popularly known, to the warm waters of the Indian Ocean in Durban, to Bloemfontein, the big hole in Kimberly and a multitude of small beautiful towns in between, it will take more than a year to travel across the length and breadth of this beautiful country.

Every year from the beginning of August to the end of October, it is officially Flower Season in South Africa.  During this magical time, some of South Africa’s most beautiful protected areas are open to the public.

The Flower Season is brought to life when the seasonal winter rains create an explosion of colourful spring flowers. Travellers can enjoy the sights and smells of the Cape’s most renowned floral kingdoms and be treated to some of the most spectacular bird-viewing opportunities in the country.

Whether you are an ardent nature-lover or a born adventurer, the South African spring flower season will certainly appeal to you. Visit the Northern Cape and Cape Town during Spring.

No one can dispute that the Minister of Tourism is right. South Africans need to tour their country and enjoy all these natural beauty as those who came before us did. Above all of that, we need to preserve this beauty for current and future generations.

If you need to travel, consider visiting the beautiful town of Phalaborwa, which is the only town in South Africa sharing a fence with the Kruger National Park and where elephants roam the streets with residents.

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Wedding Day in Phalaborwa…. we share photos with our Readers here…

The Beverly Hills was once again given the honour to witness the tying of the knot between two families, the Tivane and the Mbhombi families duly represented by Kabelo and Hlami.

Although Beverly Hills was not the main host, it was allocated the role of providing accommodation to the bride and her entourage, a role that the Beverly Hills fulfilled with pride. The role of hosting the main event was given to our neighbours, House of Worship International, who did not disappoint the guests and the bride with their preparedness.

It was a very beautiful event and the decoration and set-up simply defied description due to its superiority, so too was the food. The bride and the bridegroom as well as the bridesmaids and the groom’s best men looked so stunning in their attire. The master of ceremonies entertained the guests with his splendid humour and beautiful music in between. One Guest after the other wished the newlyweds the best for the future.

At the right time the cake was cut and the bride, in compliance with tradition, stood up and called her bridesmaids and other single ladies and she tossed the bouquet at them as they scrambled to catch it. The lucky one caught the bouquet and it was time for the bachelors to receive the garter as the bridegroom removed it from underneath the bride’s dress and tossed it to them firmly believing that the one who catches it is the next to marry. Then the music played and the gifts began to flow. The sun was going down and the bridegroom thanked their guests and the pastor returned the work to God. The guests took their memories home with them.

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We Successfully Hosted a Wedding and Share Photos Here For Our Readers:

We were very honored to witness this very beautiful event on 14 August 2021 thanks to all the people who were involved in the organisation and preparation and ensured that the day was very successful. Thanks again to Victor and Florence for the massive amount of cooperation during the months leading up to the big day. Everything was 100%. Here is the Story in Pictures:

Here are some more photos:

To book for your wedding or anniversary celebration please contact us on:

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Here are some more images:

Take a Trip to Phalaborwa

Take  Your Loved  Ones on Holiday This Weekend.

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This has been a difficult year for everyone. Covid -19 took all of us completely by surprise and on a long haul. It occupied our minds and our actions from the beginning to the end of the year. No one was spared the mental exhaustion that it took. Governments all over the world went on complete lock-down. With or without the pandemic, time moved on and soon enough, time has passed.  As the year moved on and world economies reeling under the weight of the pandemic, world governments began to assess the losses and how to mitigate them, Slowly the hard lockdowns were relaxed and people began to travel.  Domestic markets were re-opened. However, a second and third wave in many countries forced them to go back to hard lock-downs.

Return Home to an elegant bed at the end of a long day in the Park. Please Call the Beverly Hills to Book.

The festive season is suddenly upon us, like it always did in the past. Fortunately domestic travel is still permitted under the current regulations. Certain sectors of the tourism industry have been closed. Others are operational, albeit with strict observance of safety regulations. We can’t afford to be complacent and to relax our guard as there are new strains coming up now and then. A large percentage of the world population has been vaccinated and they are now allowed to travel.

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In any event, you can still afford to take a trip to the little town of Phalaborwa on the outskirts of the Kruger National Park and there spend two or three days enjoying the hospitality of the locals and visiting the wilderness that the Kruger is.  Please use the following contacts to book your stay at very affordable rates.

Our Rates Start from R375.00 per person sharing or R570.00 single room bed and breakfast.

Interesting Historical and Archaeological Facts About the Kruger National Park, South Africa.

An elephant family crossing one of the many easy access roads inside the Kruger National Park.

The surface area of Kruger National Park is 7,580 miles² (19,633 km²) which is  a size larger than many countries around the world.

  • The park was first proclaimed in 1898 as the Sabie Game Reserve by the then president of the Transvaal Republic or the ZAR (Zuid-Afrikaansche Republiek), Paul Kruger. He first proposed the need to protect the animals of the Lowveld in 1884, but his revolutionary vision took another 12 years to be realised when the area between the Sabie and Crocodile Rivers was set aside for restricted hunting.
  • James Stevenson-Hamilton, born on 02 October 1867 in Dublin, Ireland,  was appointed the park’s first warden on 1 July 1902 and served for the next 44 years until 1946.
  • On 31 May 1926 the National Parks Act was passed and with it the merging of the Sabie and Shingwedzi Game Reserves into the Kruger National Park.
    The first motorists entered the park in 1927 for a fee of one pound.
  • Many accounts of the park’s early days can be found in the Stevenson-Hamilton Memorial Library at Skukuza.
  • There are almost 254 known cultural heritage sites in the Kruger National Park, including nearly 130 recorded rock art sites.
  • There is ample evidence that prehistoric man – Homo erectus (upright man) roamed the area between 500 000 and 100 000 years ago
  • Cultural artifacts of Stone Age man have been found for the period 100 000 to 30 000 years ago.
  • More than 300 archaeological sites of Stone Age man have been found
  • Evidence of Bushman Folk (San) and Iron Age people from about 1500 years ago is also in great evidence.
  • There are also many historical tales of the presence of Nguni people and European explorers and settlers in the Kruger Park area.
  • There are significant archaeological ruins at Thulamela and Masorini
  • There are numerous examples of San Art scattered throughout the park.

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Nearby Attractions: The golf course at Hans Merensky Country Club.